Sweeney would be in love!

Josh’s World Cup commentary is priceless.

Happy birthday to Sweeney!



literally all i want in life is to have josh groban narrate everything i do.

and by narrate i mean sing.

loooook there she goes
back to the couch again
watching netflix and eating ice cream
without a single frieeeeeeeend

how fucking rad would that shit be

you, my friend, are awesome. i wish the same thing every second of every day.


This is how Rising Star tries to keep you from exiting the app lmao


Pretty sure our BAC would be like .8 by the end of the show…


Josh Groban is hot.

Let’s just take a second to appreciate that fact.

Just for that, my sock game is going up from now on
— Josh Groban (via swingsetconversations)


Can’t help it if I’m awesome. :-)


Should we put Josh Groban’s socks to a vote?

Josh Groban's Facebook Q&A session! ⇒


Josh Groban Q&A June, 26 2014


(Questions in no particular order, Initials used to respect privacy)

  • (KFC) Will your brother Chris be involved with another one of your music vids? Maybe from you new albums?

Josh Groban I hope so! He’s so talented and I love working with him. Check…


josh groban’s voice is not just sex, it’s making love